Evaluation from the Director at the Mendocino Art Center
"Thank you for teaching your workshop, "Impressionist Painting with  a Knife." I have read the 
evaluations and they are full of superlatives for your abilities as an artist and as a teacher. 
One student wrote,  "Best instructor I have ever had." Another wrote, "She is a wonderful 
artist who knows how to TEACH." As Education Director, nothing pleases me more than a 
group of students who are so unanimously satisfied with the quality of the artistic experience 
they have had here at the Mendocino Art Center. Thank you for providing our students with 
that experience."

Oil Painting with a Knife in the Mendocino Area
July 21, 2008 - July 25, 2008

This is a workshop for artists at all levels to experiment with a direct and exciting method of painting in oils 
with a knife instead tof a brush. It requires no mediums or thinners-just oil paints, a knife and paper towels. 
The first day you will learn knife techniques, review color theory and learn a system for mixing colors 
accurately. On the following days we will go to various locations.  I will begin with a demonstration.  Then 
you will have the rest of the time to paint with individual help
Mendcino Art Center
45200 Little Lake Street or PO Box 765
Mendocino , CA 95460
937-5818, 1-800-653-3328

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